Brain Pickings + Experiments

This is a growing, evolving personal space made in the limbo during the quarantine of 2020.
Used for thought sanity and insanity and mainly to get comfortable in this internet space.

Here you will find:
+ a publication written and published during the 2020 pandemic
+ some funny accomplishments 🌸️
+ books being read and not being read
+ photography experiments 🌈️
+ on-going projects and work updates

“Community-led food resilience: integrating grassroots led effort in emergency planning”

Reading List
2020 - 2021

✔️️ Alice Walker The Color Purple
✔️️ Jeanetter Winterson Oranges are Not the Only Fruit
Bell Hooks All About Love
Mike Ruined by Design
Adrienne Marie Brown The Emergent Strategy
Janine Benyus Biomimicry
✔️️ Richard Powers The Overstory
✔️️ Alison Bechdel The Fun Home

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