Hi! I am a design researcher
and strategist based in Baltimore.

I am an interdisciplinary designer from Pune, India that is fascinated by multi-faceted, imperfect interventions. I enjoy designing systems and strategies to achieve equitable and sustainable outcomes.

Utilizing a variety of people and planet centered tools, I often work at the intersection of technology, ecological justice and social impact.

I combine my design skillsets with social and ecological justice frameworks to help facilitate relationships with a future-focused take on civic services and systems.

Born out of chaos, I find peace by being among the living - the greens, browns and blues. Always up for a virtual cup of coffee or just a chat. Reach out at eesha.patne@gmail.com



Currently I’m working as:

Designer and Co-Instructor (faculty) for the Sustainable Design Practicum at the Department of Anthropology at Johns Hopkins University

Design Strategist for the Ecological Design Collective through MICA’s Center for Social Design



‘21 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry: Invited for an interview and to exhibit the MyOak Project in their upcoming exhibit Designing your tomorrow

‘21 Stockholm Peace Development Forum: Invited to present paper at the conference on bottom-up policy shifts.

‘20 Published a paper: “Community-led food resilience: Integrating grassroots food access into municipal emergency planning” in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development.

‘20 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge: Selected as one of the winners for the submission of ‘MyOak Market’. Appreciated for unique systemic approach.

‘20 Biomimicry Launchpad: Competitive selection in the accelerator program for MyOak Market. Received a grant for prototyping.

‘19 Johns Hopkins Ecological Design Competition: Selected as one of the winners and invited to exhibit in Fall ‘20. Received grant for prototyping.

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