Hi! I am a design researcher
and strategist based in Baltimore.

I am an interdisciplinary designer from Pune, India that is fascinated by multi-faceted, imperfect interventions. I enjoy designing systems and strategies to achieve equitable and sustainable outcomes.

Utilizing a variety of people and planet centered tools, I often work at the intersection of technology, ecological justice and social impact.

I combine my design skillsets with social and ecological justice frameworks to help facilitate relationships with a future-focused take on civic services and systems.

Born out of chaos, I find peace by being among the living - the greens, browns and blues. Always up for a virtual cup of coffee or just a chat. Reach out at eesha.patne@gmail.com




Currently I’m working as:

Design Researcher and Communications Strategist at MICA’s Center for Social Design with Baltimore City Health Department, Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center and Morgan State University;

Curator and Mentor for the Sustainable Design Practicum with the Ecological Design Collective;

Human-Centered Designer with the Center for Creative Citizenship and Office of Strategic Initiatives to build a credential at MICA on Creative Placemaking/keeping in Baltimore



‘21 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry: Invited for an interview and to exhibit the MyOak Project in their upcoming exhibit Designing your tomorrow

‘21 Stockholm Peace Development Forum: Invited to present paper at the conference on bottom-up policy shifts.

‘20 Published a paper: “Community-led food resilience: Integrating grassroots food access into municipal emergency planning” in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development.

‘20 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge: Selected as one of the winners for the submission of ‘MyOak Market’. Appreciated for unique systemic approach.

‘20 Biomimicry Launchpad: Competitive selection in the accelerator program for MyOak Market. Received a grant for prototyping.

‘19 Johns Hopkins Ecological Design Competition: Selected as one of the winners and invited to exhibit in Fall ‘20. Received grant for prototyping.

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